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Food Unleash strives to provide each customer with the best possible service by individuals that take pride in their work. 

Our Value to Customers

Food Unleash is the perfect restaurant marketing and delivery service: Not only is it inexpensive and convenient, but no matter the size of your order we will take care of it. As the premiere restaurant marketing and delivery service, we coordinate delivery for individual meals to corporate catering. All your favorite local restaurants you can count on! Quality restaurant food is delivered just as you would receive it in a restaurant, using state-of-the-art delivery and catering equipment. We pride ourselves on being professional, personal, and efficient and hope that you enjoy our service through the use of our website and our trained Customer Service Agents and your personal Mobile Wait-Staff.


Food Unleash offers ideal meal solutions for food delivery to your home, office meeting, hotel, dorm room or sales presentation. Providing the best in variety, convenience, and service to our valued customers.   Food Unleash is truly your BEST restaurant delivery solution. Coordinating lunch and dinner catering and delivery service, we specialize in feeding any size function; business meeting, party, family, intimate dinner for two to single meals. We are excited to help your hunger needs and enjoy having the opportunity to serve you, your co-workers, clients, friends and family. Let your Mobile Wait-Staff take care of the hassle of picking up the restaurant foods, saving you time to complete your work and enjoy your guests.


Food Unleash is the premier LOCAL delivery service available in the local area to date. Sure there are some pretenders out there but you'll notice none of them actually live in your community. We like to support out local community and we hope you like supporting the local economy as well. For our customers we provide the food at no markup value. Meaning, you'll see the same prices here as within the restaurant. You won't see that from any other company. Our Delivery fees are the cheapest as well, and we have a wide delivery range!


Want to order ahead of time; with Food Unleash you are able to do that. Have a large group to feed and not sure what to get, just let us know what restaurant and we can help narrow down the menu and bring it to you when you want it. Our mobile wait staff will even set it up for you if needed.


At Food Unleash we strive to provide you with a great experience by providing service you can depend on by individuals who take pride in their work.


Menus and prices are available online or you can call our Customer Service department with any questions or comments.


Our Value to Restaurants


Our mission is to market your brand by making it more available and convenient to your customers, while increasing your sales and local market presence and advertising. We coordinate the delivery of additional incremental sales for every restaurant partner we work with.


The Process:

 We will meet with Restaurant Owners and Managers to fully present our service, collect menus and to answer any questions.

 Program your menu into our website (Food Unleash)

 Customers will see your menu and place their orders.

 We'll fax and call you when an order is sent to your restaurant for confirmation.

 You prepare the food as you normally would any other restaurant customer.

 Our Mobile Wait-Staff will pick up the food and deliver it to OUR MUTUAL customer.

 We remit payment to you on upon picking up the order. 


The Proof is in the ability to drive sales to your restaurant(s). The more business you have, the more we have. It is a win-win situation. We feel that we should ONLY get paid, when we are Bringing Orders to your Restaurant via Delivery or Takeout To-Go Sales.

There are NO hidden fees at all.


We market your business via SEM and SEO marketing, Print Advertising, Networking events, Social Media Outlets

( Facebook®, Twitter®, Linked In®, YouTube®, Blogspot, as well as Partner Restaurant Delivery Websites).

Restaurant Managers and Owners:


Marketing Fee:  $35 plus tax per month

Includes E-mail marketing to 2,000 residents, companies in the area, push notifications, social media advertising such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Nextdoor, LinkedIn, and printed material such as information cards, window stickers and acrylic provided by us.

Your success is our success!  We also ask you to advertise our partnership on your social media platforms, place the sticker, information cards visible to your guest as well as including a link on your website to direct customers to the restaurant menu on Food Unleash Delivery Website.

Partnership Program Details:

1.  Commission of 15% of the total food sales before tax.   

2.    The delivery driver will either pay the restaurant upon food pick up or following a bi-weekly report through direct deposit.

3.     Hours of operation are from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM from Monday through Sunday

Food Unleash helps restaurants grow by delivering additional incremental sales to your bottom line.  We market your menu, promote your establishment, and extend your reach to all of your local and extended market.  There is no cost to join our restaurant partnership - Simply email your contact information to info@Food Unleash, and our Director of Business Development Coordinator will be contacting you soon.



Food Unleash is a restaurant marketing and delivery firm that advertises markets and delivers for restaurants. When engaging Food Unleash to coordinate food delivery, you are hiring the services of a self-employed independent contractor.

We look forward to serving you and appreciate any suggestions or comments you may have.